The Bard's Story

Meet The Bards


Chris Watson is the owner and 2nd bard around the coffee shop. He hails from Kansas, and obviously, loves coffee. As an accomplished Toastmaster and performer with DC Taylor, Chris, like all noble bards, understands the value of a great story. Prior to his current work, he was a widely published freelance writer and a veteran. Serving for 8 years in the US Navy Submarine Force as an electrician and nuclear propulsion/reactor operations.

Behind Chris is Brad, our lead bard. Originating from a strong lineage of great bards, you’ll definitely want to meet and snag a selfie with Brad while you’re at the shop. It’s not every day you get to meet royalty.

Drinks With A Different Story


No matter what your beverage of choice, they all start with water. That’s why we invested in a state of the art water filtration system. Our two-stage filtration system filters the entire front of the house with a high-end carbon filter and a 5-micron particle filter.


Love Coffee?

The essence of a great latte’ or cappuccino isn’t the milk or added flavoring; it is the espresso! We calibrate our machine at least once a day and check it midday for timing and taste. Espresso shouldn’t be bitter or ‘tinny’. It should be smooth, strong, and even a little sweet. We work hard to serve a great shot.

Our coffee is brewed in 1.9 L air pots. Meaning we brew quite often. Why? Because that is the way coffee ought to be brewed. Grind fresh, brew frequently. Our local roasting partners work hard to provide us a great product. It deserves to be served to our customers piping hot and freshly prepared.


Cold Brew

We do cold brew old school, 1 gallon at a time. We grind our beans course then use cold, fresh water and place our cold brew in the fridge for a full 24 hours. No pillow packs, no 5-gallon buckets. Sure, we may run out on occasion but better to run short than serve bad coffee.


We continue to look for a balance between cost and quality. We want our drinks and treats to be affordable and tasty. Our goal is to work locally FIRST. When that is cost prohibitive, we do use national suppliers. However, our priority is and always will be to support the local community.

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