Stories Coffee and the New Year

New Year Signs

We all have ways of marking a new year. Starting a new calendar, resetting our passwords, arguing over Time’s Person of the Year, hangovers. Perhaps we carefully craft ambitions that will be rationalized away by Martin Luther King Day, Regardless, in any small business there is a deluge of end of year activity that, if…

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The Three F’s of Coffee Gifts

Coffee gifts for coffee lovers are, at best, tricky. Like wine and clothing, heaven forbid you choose the wrong vintage or size. However, giving the gift of coffee, especially a local roaster from your own back yard, can be a welcome treat to the coffee fanatic in your life.    Plus, coffee is EASY. Yes,…

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Seasons Change…

It happened rather quietly. There was almost no fanfare. Just a bunch of coffee made, latte’s steamed, and customers served. Somewhere in the usual day to day operations that have become our cozy yet caffeinated part of the world, The Bard’s Coffee passed its six-month mark. During that time something else happened:  we grew up.…

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